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Your First Chiropractic Visit

What Happens During Your Initial Chiropractic Consultation?

If you during booking your appointment give us your email address you will receive an email confirming your appointment and another email with a link to an online outcome questionnaire, Please complete this before attending.

If you do not have an email address of if you prefer to keep it private, then you will receive a letter confirming your appointment and we will ask you to complete the outcome questionnaire when you get here.

1. Your initial consultation will take around 1 hour. Allow 20 minutes for subsequent visits.

2. We have a car park but if you prefer to park in the road you can park opposite for 2 hours at any time. On our side you cannot park 10am-11am or 2pm-3pm unless you have a permit.

3. The clinic entrance is round the side of the building.

4. On arrival you will be welcomed by one of our receptionists. If you have completed the questionnaire in advance we will issue you with a registration form for you to confirm your details. Otherwise all the forms need completing here and as this takes 15 minutes we ask you attend in plenty of time prior to your appointment slot. The details required are:

  • Contact details
  • Personal details – date of birth etc
  • Details of your current complaint and how it affects your daily life.
  • Summary medical history for yourself and your immediate family
  • Past and present medication

5. When you have completed the form your practitioner will introduce him/herself and take you through to the consultation room. Your consultation will include:

  • Completion of the history regarding your presenting complaint.
  • A detailed medical history including a summary medical history of your immediate blood relatives.
  • A physical examination relevant to your complaint and medical history.
    Most people will need to go to the changing cubicle to undress down to their underwear.
    Ladies will be given an examination/treatment gown.
    Dressing gowns are also available.
  • If your practitioner decides that further investigations such as x-rays, scans or blood tests are necessary he/she will help organising this – either through a private referral or through your GP.
    X-rays do not form part of a routine examination (Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR) and the Ionising Radiations (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IRMER).
  • If no further investigations are necessary your practitioner will explain the examination findings, the diagnosis, the treatment plan and the expected outcome.
  • If you are happy to proceed your first treatment can commence there and then.

6. At the end of the visit there will be further opportunity to ask any questions you may have thought of.

7. Then it is time to get dressed and get back to the front desk to arrange your future appointments and payment.

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