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Services Available At Park View Clinic

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopaths have global or body wide view to helping patients. Yes, you may have symptoms and pain in one certain area, but often dysfunction and compensations from other areas contribute to the issue and prevent full recovery. Osteopaths are trained to trace these problems back to the cause and return the body to its full functioning state. Many people think of Osteopaths are purely Back Specialists and since back conditions are so wide spread we do spend a lot of time working on these issues, however, a registered Osteopath will have spent a minimum of 4 years training to degree level on all areas of musculo-skeletal anatomy and therefore be able to give you expert treatment and advice no matter where the aches and pains are felt. Your treatment may include a wide range of techniques depending on your age and fitness. These might be gentle manipulations, soft tissue massage, joint articulation, muscle stretching and HVT manipulation where the joint can produce a cracking / popping sound.

All Osteopaths are GOsC & BOA Registered


Physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, operation, and illness or by developmental or other disability. Doctors often refer people to a physio, but you can refer yourself directly. Like osteopathy, physiotherapy can help with most muscular-skeletal disorders through manual techniques and exercise led treatment.

All Physiotherapists are HPC & CSP Registered


Massage / deep tissue therapy

Massage can be used in many beneficial ways, from relief of tension and stress caused by everyday life, or for recovery from muscular tears and chronic fibrosis. The soft tissue techniques used by our therapist are designed to work on both superficial and deep physiological levels. They improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, help the body to remove metabolic waste and return muscles to their correct tension and length. Whether you are an elite athlete recovering from injury or someone suffering from everyday stress and tension massage therapy can quickly reduce your pain and return you to full function.


Sports therapy

Sports therapists use a combination of massage, stretching and exercise to treat your injuries and improve your performance. Sports therapy involves the management, manipulations and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body, these include muscles, tendons and ligaments. Our aim is to not only return you to optimum function and fitness, but to prepare you body so it is ready for the next level up of fitness and performance.


Acupuncture / dry needling

Modern acupuncture is a technique used by western doctors, physios, osteopapths and sports therapist with the aim of provoking a healing reaction from the body. Although derived from the 2000 yr old Chinese form of acupuncture, the western form has a simplified scientific understanding of how the insertion of a needle can stimulate the body’s physiology and speed up the rate of recovery in injured tissues. Acupuncture is particularly effective at treating pain, especially the chronic pain felt in conditions such as arthritis. In most case the treatment is pain free and because the needles are so fine they are hardly felt by the patient.


Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy has been around since the 1950s and is commonly used by all therapist in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, most commonly tendonitis and bursitis conditions. This form of therapy uses sound waves that are above the range of human hearing to stimulate the cell structures within muscles and ligaments. The treatment has number of effects on the body, but mainly its aim is to accelerate the resolution of time of the body’s inflammatory process. Additionally its aim is to increase the proliferative phase of tissue healing including the production of new collagen which the body uses to repair tendons and ligaments.


Interferential electrotherapy

Interferential therapy uses low frequency electrical stimulation to affect the physiology of deep muscle tissue. Other forms of electrical stimulation can be unpleasant or uncomfortable in the superficial nerves or skin; however, the process of current interference creates a stronger, deeper effect. The benefits included pain relief, muscle stimulation, increased blood flow and reduction of oedema.


Diagnostic ultrasound scanning

Our clinic on the A217 has installed the latest Mindray DP-50 diagnostic ultrasound scanner for aiding with the examination and diagnosis of soft tissue injuries. Real time ultrasound scanning allows our osteopaths and physios to see the tendons and ligaments functioning and moving below the skin. Along side our usual clinical testing and palpation, this modality helps to greatly improve the accuracy of diagnosis and thus allow us to get your treatment and rehabilitation on the right track as fast as possible.


Kinesio taping

Application of Kinesio tape to the body can have a profound effect on the body’s drainage and healing. The technique requires skilled application on to the affected region in order to have the correct effect. Its aim can be to either stimulate or shut down stretch receptors in the soft tissues and also to improve lymphatic drainage under the skin. When applied correctly tissues will recover faster and swelling will be greatly reduced. Although the tape is commonly seen being used on TV by everyone form tennis players to Olympic athletes, it can also be used on those with lymphatic swelling disorders and arthritic conditions. All our staff are official KTA trained practitioners, of which there are only around 4000 in the UK.


Rehabilitation suite

Our clinic on the A217 at Woodhatch is equipped with a spacious rehab area to the rear of the building; here you will find a variety of exercise and rehabilitation specific equipment. As part of your treatment with one of our therapist you may spend time in here utilising some of the machines to aid your recovery. Additionally you may wish to consider spending some further work-out time in here with one of our personal fitness trainers who can guide and monitor you through you recovery or help you get your personal health and fitness back on track in a focused private facility.

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